Creating a request will let companies know what services your agency is looking to purchase at the best possible prices.

To create a new request for a service:
Click the blue + New Request button on the main page (Note: If this is your first time creating a request, the button will be at the bottom of the Drafts page)
Add a name, the details of your request, the due date and time, the max number of responses you want, and any attachments you would like to include with the request
Click the blue Continue button

On the categories page, check the Services box and uncheck the Products box (default) to indicate you are searching for service categories
Enter service keywords in the search box and results will populate automatically
Click the blue View Details text on any category to see the UNSPSC code associated with the category along with subcategory and commodity information
When you are ready to select a category, click the blue arrow pointing right in that category's box
The category will move to the right side of the screen, indicating that it has been selected. To remove categories, simply click the blue arrow pointing left in the selected category's box. To remove all categories, click the Clear All button on the right side of the page.
Once you are finished selecting categories, click the blue Save as draft button

Verify the information you entered and then click the blue Publish button

Your request will be published and available to companies for viewing/quoting. To view your published requests, click My Requests in the top left corner. The default tab is Published

To learn how to edit your requests, click here.
To learn how to share your requests, click here.
To learn how to cancel your requests, click here.
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